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In the beginning, the year 1938, a group of citizens in the Village of Nashville, Jackson Township, decided they were in need of some type of organized fire protection.  After holding a meeting in Mummert's Garage, Nashville Fire Company was formed.  The Nashville Volunteer Fire Company applied for a charter late in 1952 through the Law Offices of Budding & Yost.  This charter was granted January 26, 1953 by the court.

Today, Nashville Volunteer Fire Company #1 is a progressive Fire Company serving the growing Jackson Township community.  Jackson Township is located in York County, South Central PA.  We are still a 100% Volunteer Organization and currently we respond to an average of 300 emergency calls per year.

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The Officers of our Department help maintain order and safety.


Our Juniors are the up and coming Leaders of our Department


The Adminastration makes sure the company runs smoothly.